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WNSO Work Plan
  • Education Portal Development
  • Project on bridging gap on Education Distribution and education access
  • Associating Education Management Body and Institution and education stakeholders under WNSO umbrella
  • Disabled Library set up and underprivileged access on education and versatile experimental and creative lab
  • Students’ Emergency Welfare Fund
  • Education Empowerment and Quality Education Approach (Curriculum and Methods of Education)
  • Making approach with government to study the investment on foreign education by Nepalese / its real outcome and real-state study approach abroad.
  • Study of brain drain trend and suggestions to governments
  • Collaborating with governments and Creating Partners with like-minded Organizations worldwide
  • Welfare activities and volunteerism promotion to see ground level beneficiaries
  • Creating Educational opportunity for needy and deserving (Creating direct beneficiaries)
  • Annual Education Conference, contest, awards, fares etc.
  • Students empowerment and skill development Activities
  • Platform for Students exchange, cultural exchange and exposure
  • Research / Study and Involvement
  • Education For Sustainable Development Project (ESD)

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