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Call for Application : Seed of Change.

Empowering disadvantaged youth through awareness and active participation.

Seed of change is a project aimed to reinforce the role of young people with fewer opportunities in their access to social rights by the means of non-formal education. It is seeking for the youth strictly from the age of 15-20 years who are disadvantaged and have fewer opportunities. This opportunity will obviously enhance their way of life and perception to view the world. This project is launched globally throughout eight countries four countries from European continent consisting of host country Italy, Spain, Lithuania and Greece and four countries from other corner of the world consisting Nepal, Argentina, Kenya and Colombia. It is funded with the support of the European Commission.

Participants needed: 20 Applicant
Indirect beneficiaries: 331 people


1. Gymkhana

All the Social Rights are interdependent thus not being able to access one social right has a direct effect on accessing other social rights and infringement of any of these rights interfere in the implementation of the rest of the rights. With this interdependence in mind, the gymkhana includes several tasks, each of which is connected with one social right. The main rights we will focus will be decided by young people according with their own needs and this will bring to the project richness and respect of needs, thus creating motivation and impact. 
The Gymkhana will comprise the following activities: 

Act. 1 - Arts workshop:
Act. 2 - Traditional games day:
Act. 3 - Active research using video: 
Act. 4 - Access to job workshop:
Act. 5 - Advocacy campaign: 
Act. 6 - Peer training:
Act. 7 - International youth meeting at Palermo, Italy:

2. International voluntary service

From each partner country will move one volunteer to another partner country for 1 month. The volunteers will take actively part in all local activities to disseminate and promote the Social Rights into the local community and to disseminate the project results. 

3. Creation of the good practice guide on the gymkhana

The guide will focus on the gymkhana as a tool to work with young people on social rights, offering a comprehensive approach imbedded in theory and practical experience that can be replicated and adapted to other contexts and groups. 

4. Creation of recommendations

Recommendations will focus on the way non-formal education (NFE) contributing to the awareness and fulfilment of social rights for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. They will be a chapter of the good practice guide and will be aimed to youth workers, youth organisations and also policy makers that can use them when elaborating policies on youth and especially youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Download the Application Form and send it to :

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For any queries: Please write to
or Contact at WNSO Secretariat
Worldwide Nepalese Students' organisation (WNSO)
Kathmandu, Nepal 

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