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Please Join WNSO and help us to help you. WNSO is a concept to bring all Nepalese students from around the world under one umbrella to exchange experience, knowledge and idea. WNSO does not have any affiliations with corporate, political or governmental organization.

WNSO membership is available to all Nepalese students living inside or outside the country. Please contact your nearest WNSO office for more information. Please click here to find about the WNSO Network in your country of residence.

If you do not find a WNSO Network in your country of residence, we would be happy to assist you in creating a network. For that purpose, you have to gather few committed Nepali students really interested in doing social works and write a letter of request to the WNSO Secretariat. Then we will provide you with all required documents and templates.

Similarly, you can also help other fellow Nepali students by logging into the WNSO Chautari Forum, a common platform for thousands of Nepali students living around the world.

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