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Other Programs

Employment that was related to Energy, Environment and/or Sustainability.

A glimpse of WNSO activities on environmental issues we conducted in Nepal has been presented below.

1. Kathmanu+20 -Youth Conference in Sustainable Development: Worldwide Nepalese Students Organization has conducted Kathmandu+20: Youth Conference on Sustainable Development on 7th June 2012. The program was blending expert paper presentations, discussion forum on multidisciplinary approach to sustainable development which made the participants know about the agendas to negotiated in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD – 2012), known as Rio+20. The program prepared the youth to deal with the large and multiple challenges to deal in sustainable way. Youth speakers and professionals from different organizations carried out their presentation on different topics related to Green Economy, Green Jobs, youth employment, poverty eradication and they also emphasized on reinforcing the role of local authorities to deal with the outcome of such conferences.

The wide range of participants from government organization, NGOs, INGOs , youth and University students widely discussed on several relevant topics related to Rio+20 and they together appealed to the head of the nation to carry out their voice for sustainability as common voice of Nepali youth. The output gained through the Kathamandu+20 has been delivered in terms of report to the Head of the Nation by youth delegates insisting to attend the Rio+20 conferences and suggest- leading the youth voices towards sustainability through the negotiation.

News Details : http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=34
Kathmandu+20 Blog : http://kathmanduplus20.wordpress.com/

2. Rio+You : Worldwide Nepalese Students Organisation (WNSO) being coalition partner of Road to Rio has organized the Cleaning Patan Durbar and Youth Awareness to motivate, inspire, engage and support youth to take action on issues of sustainability and influence the outcome of Rio+20, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development. The participants of the program cleaned the periphery of Krishna Temple and Patan Durbar in Lalitpur. The event continued painting the imagination on Rio+You paper to assert the idea how youth can involve them for sustainable future. Youth and students were oriented towards the Earth Summit going to be held in Rio as Rio+20. The students were also informed about the green economy. Participants were encouraged to make their action for sustainable future. The participants and visitors nearby Patan Durbar have signed the commitment roaster to act sustainably.

News Details: http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=33

3. Biodiversity for Kids- Education Outreach: The year 2010 was the 'International Year of Biodiversity'. We conducted the program - ‘Biodiversity for Kids: Education Outreach'. The educational materials were provided by the Convention Secretariat (http://www.cbd.int/secretariat/) of 'Convention on Biological Diversity'. WNSO Nepal members commenced the program through Vijay Smarak Higher Secondary School, Dillibajar, and Kathmandu on 28th April, 2010. The Education Outreach will be continued to other schools across the country.

News Details: http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=26  

4. 15 bicycles and other prizes awarded to top 15 essayists: WNSO-Nepal called Nepalese Youth (ages 17 - 28) to submit their commitment essays. The topic of essay competition was I am not emitting anymore! The context behind the essay contest was that the world leaders, then December 18 in Copenhagen, did not come up with some agreement to deal with the climate change and  to applause the smart 15 Nepalese Youth, who committed themselves for planting the seeds of climate action right from their behaviour.The program was supported by YOUNGO(Coalition of Global Youth NGOs working on climate advocacy),[web: http://sites.google.com/site/unfcccyoungo ], Nature and Youth (Denmark)[web: http://www.nogu.dk  ]

News Details: http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=21

5. Global Day of Climate Action marked: Let's hug our Himalayas: WNSO Nepal's members hiked on 12th December 2009 to mark the global day of climate action. The message from this hiking program was multi-dimensional. Youth students made pledges to work for climate justice. They interacted and drafted action plan for the global slogan: Unite for Climate. Link between sustainable development and education and the trend of resource use and climate change was discussed by students of Nepal and Denmark.

News Details: http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=19

6. WNSO Nepal joins United Youth Rally on Global Day of Climate Action: WNSO Nepal joined demonstrators to mark the global day of climate action called by 350 campaign (http://350.org ) with message from the primary pupils of Kathmandu : Stop Climate change. The rally took off from Basantapur and had a symbolic demonstration at Swayambhunath Stupa, Kathmandu along with all youth participants of Kathmandu.

News Details: http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=18

7. Inter School Art Contest on Climate Change: With the objective of initiating the partnerships with schools and establishing students' environmental initiative, WNSO - Nepal organized 'Inter School Art contest on climate Change' on October 23, 2009 at premises of Mother International Academy, Samakhushi, Kathmandu.

News Details: http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=17

8. A half day workshop on “Indoor air pollution and mitigation measures:  As an approach to let young students and volunteers being aware about the environmental and health issues, WNSO-Nepal hosted this workshop supported by Indoor air Pollution and Health forum. The session of Mr. Han Heijen, Advisor of environmental health, World Health Organization, (WHO-Nepal) lighted the WHO-Nepal’s activities and its aims and objectives. Moving into the technicalities he introduces the issue of indoor Air quality, its monitoring, situation in Nepal and some mitigation measures. The improved quality on cooking system, proper use of house-construction materials, proper ventilation and many easy –measures answers for the issue.

News Details: http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=12

9. White Water Rafting Program (World Water Day): Its motif was to celebrate World Water Day, too, to awaken the people about such heritage existing in country.

News Details: http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=11

10. Volunteers' Day Camp 2008 (World Wetlands Day): Adoring the importance of Wetlands, and sharing experiences of Young Students and Professionals, the day was marked very enthusiastic. WNSO Nepal organized volunteers' day camp on the occasion of World Wetland Day carrying a slogan "save the nature save the planet". And the especial thematic manifesto of the Day was   "healthy wetlands healthy people".

News Details: http://wnso.org.np/news.php?newsid=9

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