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WNSO History
Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organization (WNSO) is a highly esteemed platform for prospective students to gain assistance and information. WNSO was established by enthusiastic Nepalese students throughout the world in 2000 being centralized in the United Kingdom (UK). The basic provision, during establishment phase, was to provide accurate and comprehensive information for those eager to study abroad and to address the problems faced by the students in foreign lands.

The idea behind the WNSO stemmed from the recognition of major problems facing prospective overseas students. Over the years, countless students have fallen easy prey to mediators and brokers. Often, they have had to spend huge amounts of money in order to secure visas and university places. With no information about possible alternatives, these students often ended up the victims of their own circumstances.

Through meticulous observation of the problem facing students and from personal experience, a group of enthusiastic students decided to address this issue and launched the organization in order to give potentially vulnerable students guidance in stepping into overseas studies, and to provide continuing support during their studies in their host countries. The organization, through discussion with other Nepalese students across the globe, established the approach with like-minded individuals to provide the extension of the service in other countries. Nepalese students from different countries got united to host and support the fellow students.

For the effectiveness of overall assumptions Education Forum ( was launched by the efforts of Nepalese students from different part of the world. The Chautari Forum took a great height where the students and professional started discussing about the career opportunity, scholarship opportunity, cultural dimension of different countries and many more students concerns. Chautari Forum became successful platform for intellectual debates gaining more than 10,000 associates till now.

During the long course of progress, the enthusiastic members met in Nepal in 2005 and institutionalized being officially registered in government of Nepal in 26th June, 2006 at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu (Reg. No. 837/062/63) to give a WNSO a concrete presence in Nepali ground and to move forwards achieving its objectives. WNSO is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council Nepal (No. 19892) and also registered with PAN (No. 302293898). Then after, it started to advocate for the rights and welfare of Nepalese students studying within the Nation and abroad with existence of extensive networks worldwide.

The common slogan echoed as “Unifying Nepalese for better education”. Today, WNSO has emerged as an extensive umbrella network for Nepalese students across the world irrespective of their beliefs, religion, sex or ethnic origin in more than 20 Countries and still growing.


The initial objective of the organization was simply to provide accurate information and advice, reliable guidance on as many issues as possible facing Nepalese students wishing to study abroad and during their studies. The following points were incorporated as the major areas of work field:

-Securing full and partial scholarships.
-Offering advice on best courses suited to the students’ academic capabilities and circumstances.
-Offering advise on best courses to suit the students career ambition.
-Offering assistance with all the application and documentation for enrollment with the various educational institutions.
-Offering assistance with visa application and advise.
-Offering realistic advise on the financial requirement to undertake studies in various countries abroad.
-Making aware students of non credible college and institutions.
-Warning Students of none credible colleges and institutions.
-Preparing students for their studies abroad with advice on what to expect on arrival in the host countries in relation to accommodation, travel, culture, the law, receiving medical treatment, their rights and responsibilities etc.

-Offering endless advise through its interactive Forum ( ) on  multitude of matters.

Who can benefit: 

Anyone can benefit by obtaining information from us. Particularly students wishing to or already studying in the 20 countries we are represented in.

-Under privileged students through full and partial scholarship and discounted tuition fees.

-Prospective students by way of assistance with application documentation for enrollment with the various education institutions.

-Prospective students by way of warning of none credible colleges and institutions.

-Prospective students by way of advice on what to expect on arrival in the host countries in relation to accommodation, travel, tradition, the law, receiving medical treatment, their rights and responsibilities etc.

-Anyone can benefit from endless advice through our interactive forum ( ) on a multitude of matters.

How can the host country benefit:

-Overseas institution benefit from receiving the best students for Course best suited for them, which heightens the possibilities of their success.

-Hopefully the VISA section of the overseas embassies will start to receive accurate and Pre-checked application documents submission.

-Students who are financially prepared to support their studies overseas are less likely to call upon any resources from host country’s public funds.

-Students who wish to study abroad can gain and receive information from the WNSO or its interactive forum on the 20 countries it has representation in.

How Can the Government and the WNSO work together?

-Government can recognize and support the WNSO which will give credibility to the organization and students will be benefited for easy accessible and reliable advice and proper guidance on their concerns regarding education and careers.
-WNSO can assist to document the data of students studying abroad and to form the policy to launch and centralize attraction of study programs within country relevant to the global context.

-The WNSO can facilitate, if funding is available, to run awareness courses on the host countries and test students on this. The students will be better prepared for the life in the host countries and the hosts countries will benefit from better prepared students. A student who is well informed and well prepared is more likely to succeed, less likely to be a problem to host countries.

-Foreign embassies could assist with the training to WNSO volunteers so that they would be better qualified to deliver the matters and immigration contents related to their county about the foreign students.

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