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Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organsation (WNSO) is a non political, non-profit making, organization that constitutes the Nepalese Students and young professionals all over the world. WNSO was established by enthusiastic Nepalese students throughout the world in 2000 being centralized in the UK & registered in Nepal in 2006. The basic provision, during establishment phase, was to provide accurate and comprehensive information for those eager to study abroad and to address the problems faced by the students in foreign lands. The main objective of WNSO is to promote the unity of Nepalese students for better education and ensure the right and welfare of Nepalese Students studying all over the world by building a strong network. WNSO would like to see students, government, educational institutions work together to make education accessible to as many individuals as possible, which is their fundamental right.WNSO aims to be consulted upon on any educational matter as the members of WNSO are distributed in almost all parts of the world and have gained exposure to educational scenario of many different countries.  . It can act as a strong platform to express the views and ideas of Nepalese students from all over the world. As the organization is growing and gaining momentum, it has expanded its scope from education to capacity building, leadership development, volunteerism and mobilization of youth in social transformation. It has also started to advocate for the rights and welfare of Nepalese students studying within the Nation and abroad.The common slogan echoed as “Unifying Nepalese for better education”. Today, WNSO has emerged as an extensive umbrella network for Nepalese students across the world irrespective of their beliefs, religion, sex or ethnic origin in more than 20 Countries and still growing. WNSO Global Forum (http://www.chautari.org/) has more than 10,000 registered Nepalese Students.
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Across Continents in Nepal
Across Continents is a European Voluntary service (EVS) project. Through Volunteering and International cooperation it aims to promote a culture of peace and Human rights. Volunteers worked with children and youth from various contexts and background developing human aright education activities,   arts, sports among…
Seed of Change Press Release
Harvesting the Seed of Change: Following the time of the paddy field are cleared and ready for the rice, like wise a year long volunteer of the Seed of Change participants has come to an end with their suggestions and recommendations for their social rights to…
WNSO Activities Report 2008
WNSO Activities Report 2008 (Pdf) : Click Here .WNSO News Archive: Click Here 
Signatory Campaign held by Nepalese Students in Bangladesh
Worldwide Nepalese Students Organization, Bangladesh has submitted the collective signatories from around 1600 Nepalese students studying in different institutions throughout Bangladesh to Nepal Embassy, Bangladesh. Due to sudden rise of visa renewal fee for Nepalese students in Bangladesh has bothered the Nepalese Students in Bangladesh.…
Non Formal HRE in Higher Secondary Schools proved as innovative activity in Nepal
Worldwide Nepalese Students Organization (WNSO) Nepal’s activities in the framework of Non-formal Human Right Education (HRE) approach among peer students at the Higher Secondary Schools and Disable School has been proved as an innovative program to promote the Human Right. The main themes of the…
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