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Seed of Change Press Release
Harvesting the Seed of Change: Following the time of the paddy field are cleared and ready for the rice, like wise a year long volunteer of the Seed of Change participants has come to an end with their suggestions and recommendations for their social rights to the policy maker.

On October 26 th the project, “ Seed of Change; Reinforcing the Role of Young People with fewer Opportunities in their Access to Social Rights ” was closed after the final youth conference held on WNSO Hall, Koteshwor. The project was actively run from September 2012 to October 2013, where the conference was held after the two-month extension of the project.

Young people have disseminated their suggestion regarding their social rights for social security. They advised as there are less information centers about the social rights and equally the youths are not aware about their social rights thus leading to different social injustice and indifference.

After a year long of activities based volunteer in seed of change project, they believed that the non-formal education carry more value in shaping the youth’s conscience in today’s society and social competence. Theoretical based knowledge and modern day running towards today’s competence based learning has made the youth more incompetence, not realizing their own strength. Youth believed that the value based and practical based education should be enforced as to keep both mind and hand sharp.

Participants highlighted the need of social awareness in-terms of securing the social rights especially amongst the youth in the situation of economic conflict and social insecurity. They stressed that the way to ensure the social rights is the valued based learning, doing different activities involving the youth for creative response for their access into social rights. They admitted that the current situation of education has not been instrumental to aware youths for their social rights.

The participants organized the final youth conference concluding the whole project activities done through out the year. For each activities each participants presented their outcomes, and process during the period. Dolendra Nath Subedi presented in advocacy campaign initiated by the participants for ensuring people as they themselves and ourselves as the prime solution of every problem not depending upon others along with this experience in International Volunteer Service, Himanshu Rayamajhi presented on Art-Workshop as art a medium of self expression and creative tool to inspire and advocate the social rights.

Manin Shrestha presented on the activities where Access to Job workshop where he concludes that the requirement of non-formal education in shaping youth’s ability for modern day employability. He concludes that the session has been fruitful, as participants have been benefited by the session in their professional life. Equally Santa Bahadur Jirel highlighted on Peer Education Training experience on Seed of Change and focused upon today’s need to aware youth from peer group and importance of such training.

Manasi Shrestha presented her experience of International Youth Meeting on behalf of attended participants in the meetings that intercultural dialogue and international understanding in social rights had been instrumental to learn a global perspective about the theme. Prakash K.C. presented the Active Video Research done in Seed of Change in LGBTI and in Senior citizen and also extended the importance of today’s world the value of video to aware the youths in social issues. Where as, Rajeev Sundas presented the Traditional Games Day played in the project and also urge everyone for its preservation from local level to national levels.

Yadav Bhattrai, President of WNSO, delivered his message with appreciation for the entire outstanding efforts made by project team. Rajesh Pathak, General Secretary of WNSO-Nepal congratulated graduate participants, project team and partners for helping the seed germinated in the project. He urged that the talents that grew from the platforms needed to harness and explore in the society. Similarly, Hempal Shrestha expressed his best wishes to the participants for their future career. Narayani Gaha, President form Yatra, a local collaborating partner extended her gratitude and happiness of being involved in the project and help grow the level of awareness to the participants.

Youth worker Anish Raj Shrestha put his remark on the development of the project from micro level to its completion and the ups and down the project went throughout the year. He remarked that the project has been success for its accomplishment in a very satisfactory way. He shared his experience and relevance of project activities for personal and professional life. He shared his unique experience during his international visit to participate in International youth meeting along with other four young people, representing the country.

Jagannath Kharel, the founder General Secretary of WNSO Nepal and the Project Coordinator thanked the entire person involved in direct and indirectly in the project, he expressed the step by step development and success of project which was really hard earned. He shared some cases of complexities and challenges since project inception and explained how Seed of Change project overcome it and acquired amazing success. He expressed his gratitude that project beneficiaries- the Young People with Fewer Opportunities- have been empowering throughout intensive a-year long project activities which is proved as an exemplary deed of the WNSO history. He also expressed the ups and down and personal experience to select and recommend the participants for International Youth Meeting and overall project period.

Worldwide Nepalese Students’ Organization (WNSO) is a not-for profit organization, which has been currently running the project Seed of Change along with collaborating partner Yatra and local colleges from September 2012 to October 2013 which was operated in Italy, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Kenya Colombia and Argentina Simultaneously.

Thank you.

Seed of Change-Nepal/WNSO-Nepal
Worldwide Nepalese Students’ Organization (WNSO)

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